Our Actively Managed Products provide exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum and an array of DeFi assets.

These portfolios follow unique trading strategies, designed and executed by our in-house trading team, aiming to deliver capital gains against the benchmark.

Holistic ETH-BTC
Managed DeFi

Passive Investment Products

Our ETPs (Exchange-Traded Portfolios) are physical DeFi tokens that are indexed and weighted. These are non-custodial products.

Constituent assets are selected, bundled and rebalanced quarterly according to the IOSCO-aligned methodology, designed by BraveNewCoin.

Blue-Chip DeFi ETP
BNC Maker Vault ETP


Decentralised Derivatives ETP
Personalised Solutions

Bespoke financial engineering of DeFi-based instruments with custom-tailored strategies:

  • Structured DeFi Products;
  • Liquidity Mining / Yield-Farming;
  • Index Funds & ETPs;
  • Margin Lending & Leverage Trading.