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Marouane Hajji is the protocol lead at Unslashed Finance, a decentralised insurance protocol built on Ethereum. Insurance is a part of the decentralised finance stack that has received less attention. However, crypto is no different from any other industry – there are many risks. Smart contract hacks, exploits, oracle manipulation, data breaches, theft, and so on. Creating an insurance protocol requires both technical skills and a deep understanding of risk modeling.

Crypto Conversation

Sergey Nazarov is the co-founder of ChainLink. In this podcast, Sergey lays out his current thinking on Decentralised Finance, how it improves on CeFi, the role of data oracles, and the fast and slow cases on what is needed for DeFi to go mainstream. Sergey says “Decentralised finance is the thing that people want. They just don’t know that they want it yet”.

Crypto Conversation

Techemy Capital has launched the non-custodial Holistic ETH-BTC Portfolio on Enzyme, an Ethereum-based protocol for decentralised on-chain asset management This actively traded portfolio provides exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum price action using Long/Short trading strategies designed and executed by Josh Olszewicz.

Techemy Capital + Enzyme Finance

Official announcement of the partnership with Enzyme Finance (formerly Melon Protocol) and th launch of the Holistic ETH-BTC Portfolio, fully onchain and non-custodial.

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Alex Svanevik is a co-founder of Nansen, an on-chain data analytics platform with a massive database of millions of wallet addresses. Nansen helps crypto investors and fund managers such as Techemy Capital to spot asset flow patterns, contextualise blockchain data, and make informed and timely decisions. Alex shares anecdotes of how on-chain transparency represent an opportunity and challenge for the investors and product teams.

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DeFi offers many potential benefits, however, it also introduces a range of risks, both old and new. While traditional financial risks are well known (e.g. market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk), what separates DeFi from traditional finance is the exposure to infrastructure layer, the Ethereum blockchain. Investment game is now technical. Xavier Meegan identifies and examines 12 distinctive non-financial risks in DeFi, establishing a base for risk management frameworks. The research contributors included Techemy Capital and Nexus Mutual.

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Fernando Martinelli,  founder and CEO of Balancer, deep dives into the value proposition of Balancer that is an automated asset management platform for programmable liquidity, allowing any fund manager and/or developer to leverage its infrastructure to build financial products and services. Fernando also provides insights into key DeFi themes of 2020, including liquidity mining and the future of DAO-governed treasuries.

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As of 1 Sep 2020, our experimental private DeFi portfolio is up 680% after its inception in late Jan 2020. What has contributed to such performance? Insights into the investment thesis and asset allocation.

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“DeFi is a beautiful development that will eventually disrupt the world of finance, especially with blockchain technology growing in stature”. An interesting overview on DeFi with expert commentary from our CEO.

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Techemy Capital has been building & investing in DeFi since 2017 (crypto since 2012). Our original DeFi thesis was bullish, but, as it turns out, not bullish enough! Time for a thesis update. Let’s explore DeFi’s path to $5 Trillion.

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Mona El Isa is the founder of the Melon protocol, which enables decentralised on-chain asset management. After a successful trading career at Goldman Sachs, Mona joined blockchain to tackle challenges of the administrative processes required to run investment businesses. By automating the back and middle office processes of fund management through the use of smart contracts, Melon enables fund managers to create their own tokenised and non-custodial vehicles.

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Josh Olszewicz, our Head Trader, discusses the recent positive price action of the crypto markets and DeFi, and outlines what he likes about the TokenSets’ platform. “There is a possibility for a multi year bull run, especially post-halving. It’s almost eerie the similarities we’re seeing in the price chart and in the fundamentals to 2017. With gold at all-time highs, ongoing money printing, and with chaos in the world, it’s an ideal macro backdrop for BTC to perform well”.

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Hugh Karp is the founder and CEO of Nexus Mutual – a people-powered alternative to insurance. Nexus Mutual uses the power of Ethereum so individuals can share risk together without the need for an insurance company. Hugh is an insurance professional and actuary with 15 years of experience. In DeFi there are 3 primary risk categories: technical smart contract risk, external risk, and economic incentive failure risk. Nexus Mutual is focused on the more severe risks, and provides cover against system failure.

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As interest in liquidity mining surges, DeFi has achieved another major milestone of $2B now locked in the Ethereum ecosystem – with industry experts noting that growth in DeFi is turning Ethereum into a type of ‘money whirlpool’.

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A deep dive into gravitational effects of the DeFi Liquidity Vortex. David Hoffman from Bankless explains how Ethereum-built financial applications move from being experiments to unstoppable global platforms, used by everyone. The Protocol Sink Thesis offers a model for how crypto-systems will manifest at maturity.

Crypto Conversation

Fran Strajnar of Techemy and Anthony Sassano of TokenSets discuss the evolution and challenges of Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Run by programmable code, DeFi reduces friction and capital inefficiency and offers the possibility of higher yields. “Money and value are now woven into the fabric of the internet. DeFi has created an environment where liquidity is abundant and risk is manageable. This is appealing to many investor classes, but they seek professional managers to to the trading for them. That’s where TCap and TokenSets come in”.

Techemy Capital + Set

Official announcement of the partnership with TokenSets and the release of a suite of DeFi-based managed products to help investors tap into the Open Finance ecosystem.

DeFi Risk Management

Techemy Capital provides a high-level overview of the risks and hedging tools that you can use to manage your investments.

Understanding Risk of TokenSets

There are risks associated with using the different DeFi / Open Finance protocols on Ethereum and these risks should be considered before interacting and investing with any of these apps. This article outlines all of the risks that you should be aware of when using the TokenSets platform and interacting with the Set Protocol contracts so that you can make more informed decisions when buying a Set.

DeFi Wiki

DeFi (short for Decentralised Finance) is a blanket term used to describe the industry of financial services – payments, lending, trading and more – provided through decentralized platforms on public blockchains. As opposed to highly centralised traditional financial institutions, these applications (known as dApps) are not controlled by a single entity, which enables for higher transparency, safety and cost reduction. In February 2019, the DeFi industry exceeded $1 billion in assets locked in DeFi protocols by users.

Safe Havens Report Cover

In a world going to negative interest rates and no cash many traditional safe havens are turned on their head. From billionaires buying farms and building bunkers in New Zealand to investing in fresh water, this report with Valiendero Digital Assets explores the new paradigm of value. Rather than make price predictions for either bitcoin or gold, this report explores what the function, rather than the form, of a 21st century safe haven should be.

2019 Money Market Review Cover

This report looks at ongoing activity in US money markets and the Federal Reserve’s monetary mechanisms compared to the developments of MakerDAO in Ethereum-based Decentralized Finance (DeFi) which continues to move closer to real-world utility.


With many new entrants, the stablecoin market is currently in an exploratory phase, with no single stability mechanism available that satisfies all the requirements of potential stakeholders. Download this groundbreaking Techemy Capital report now to access compelling new insights into this critical sector and its likely long term evolution.

The Bitcoin ETF Report Cover

A Bitcoin ETF continues to elude the US public, but does the market really need one – plus, what are the mechanics behind ETFs and the implications for digital assets?

STO Investment Guide

With the Security Token market projected to reach US$5 trillion by 2022, this report provides a top-level overview of the current STO ecosystem – identifying significant opportunities in the sector both for investors and those interested in capital raising via tokenising assets.

The End of Cash

A guide to the landscape of digital value in an era of public, private, national and corporate currencies – with featured strategies for investing in digital privacy and scarcity as a hedge against negative interest rates and Modern Monetary Theory.